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The Best Experiential Marketing Examples | Street Attack

 |  brett zaccardi
experiential marketing examples

In the world of marketing, there’s a secret sauce to making your brand stand out and connect with people in a big way. It’s called experiential marketing, and it’s not just a passing fad. Forbes is saying its the future of retail and we agree. It’s a strategy that works, again and again, and that we have been perfecting here at Street Attack for the last two decades. Unlike traditional advertising that relies on one-way communication, experiential marketing events invites consumers to participate actively. Great experiential marketing campaigns are about creating memorable and exciting brand experiences that really stick with people. It’s like making new friends and leaving them with awesome memories they’ll never forget.

In this article, we’ll dive into showcasing some remarkable examples of creative event and experiential marketing examples, exploring its different forms, and, most importantly, how brands have utilized this special channel to achieve astounding results. Get ready to be inspired as we examine the science behind the streets and dig into Street Attack’s case studies in this field.

The Science of the Streets

Challenges and Counterintuitive Principles

Experiential marketing, especially at the street level, presents unique challenges. It’s a world where conventional marketing strategies often fall short, and success requires embracing counterintuitive principles. Street Attack has recognized that to connect with people effectively, you need to understand the ever-evolving dynamics of the streets.

Cities as Game Boards

Street Attack’s approach is to view cities as giant game boards, complex living systems composed of people, places, and time. This perspective treats each city as a blank canvas rich with information and culture that informs where and how to connect, engage, and inspire. To achieve this, we use a strategic Cultural Mapping process that combines human intelligence and machine learning to create real-time blueprints for activation strategies and media placements.

This method involves mapping cities at a hyper-local level, using data such as zip codes, census information, and consumer profiles. By understanding migratory patterns, key locations, and points of interest (POIs), we can determine precisely how, when, and where to activate. It’s about pinpointing high-value areas that may not have been used as media locations before, ensuring that the brand stands out with greater impact.

For instance, consider the challenge faced by New York-based health insurer Oscar during their crucial 2020 open enrollment season. Oscar needed a strategic approach to cover the Los Angeles, Miami, and Bronx markets. Street Attack’s solution was a six-month local activation campaign supported by micro-targeted Out-of-Home (OOH) media placements. Using Cultural Mapping, they identified key locations near hospitals and clinics, which had never been used as media locations before. This approach not only exceeded enrollment goals but also established authentic connections with the target communities.

In our next section, we’ll explore some of the inspiring case studies that demonstrate how Street Attack’s experiential marketing case studies have achieved remarkable results for brands. Get ready to discover the incredible potential of successful experiential marketing campaigns through real-world examples.

Experiential Marketing Services by Street Attack

To fully appreciate the impact of experiential marketing, it’s essential to understand the range of services offered by Street Attack. With over two decades of experience, Street Attack provides a comprehensive suite of services that cover every aspect of experiential marketing, ensuring that brands can create unforgettable moments and connect with their target audiences effectively.

Strategy and Management: From strategy to execution, Street Attack takes care of everything, including designing, building, logistics, local permits, and talent acquisition. Your campaign runs seamlessly from start to finish.

Field Marketing and Street Teams: Street Attack excels in one-on-one interactions. We curate and manage street teams and ambassador campaigns to leave a lasting positive impression on potential customers.

Cultural Mapping and Intelligence Gathering: Street Attack’s secret weapon, Cultural Mapping, involves mapping cities in detail, collecting data on consumer behavior, demographics, and psychographics. This data guides activation strategies and media placements in real-time.

Design, Concept, and Strategy: Street Attack’s creative collaboration with top-tier designers and artists ensures fresh, innovative campaigns that capture the imagination of your target audience.

Media Planning/Buying and Measurement/Analytics: Street Attack connects impact directly to sales revenue, media placements, and consumer behaviors, enabling data-driven decisions for improved future efforts.

Alternative/Street Media and Programmatic Out-of-Home: Street Attack’s expertise shines in targeting and securing unconventional spaces, including wild postings and posters, murals, wallscapes, digital storefronts, light projection, and vehicle wraps.

Urban Takeovers and Artist Collaborations: Street Attack specializes in designing magical moments using various mediums (link here), creating brand experiences that linger in consumers’ memories long after the campaign ends.

Video Production and Content Capture/Edit: In the digital age, speed is essential. Street Attack’s content creation capabilities help you leverage resonance and ripple effects for maximum impact.

Now that you know what Street Attack brings to the table, let’s look into real-world examples of our experiential marketing ideas. Discover how brands have harnessed our services for remarkable results.

Best Experiential Marketing Examples from Street Attack

Case Study 1: Oscar – “Taking health insurance to the streets”

Challenge: Oscar needed to strategically cover multiple markets for open enrollment.

Street Attack’s Approach: Six-month local activation campaign using Cultural Mapping.

Results: Exceeded enrollment goals by 4x, achieved authentic community connections.

[Read the full Oscar case study for details]

Case Study 2: SK-II – “Making Tokyo even more beautiful”

Challenge: Connecting with millennial professional women in Tokyo during the holiday season.

Street Attack’s Approach: Wonderland pop-up with AR-enabled invitations for influencers.

Results: 9,000 attendees, 98% engagement with interactive elements.

[Read the full SK-II case study for insights]

Case Study 3: NFL + Oikos – “A winning playbook”

Challenge: Leveraging the NFL partnership for maximum impact during the NFL Draft in Nashville.

Street Attack’s Approach: Citywide scavenger hunt, local micro-influencers, and targeted OOH media.

Results: 700% uptick in social/digital engagement, praised by the NFL.

[Read the full NFL + Oikos case study for details]

Case Study 4: SeaDoo – “One if by land, four if by sea”

Challenge: Launching Sea-Doo’s Spark personal watercraft in Miami’s trendsetting districts.

Street Attack’s Approach: Graffiti murals, projection mapping, artist collaboration, and an outdoor concert.

Results: 12MM+ overall impressions, significant social interactions.

[Read the full SeaDoo case study for insights]

Case Study 5: American Born Moonshine – “An old favorite with a new kick”

Challenge: Introducing a new liquor brand to a sophisticated audience.

Street Attack’s Approach: Cultural Mapping, hyperlocal media planning, influencer events, and brand experiences.

Results: Strong response, early achievement of acquisition targets.

[Read the full American Born Moonshine case study for details]

These case studies demonstrate the diverse range of challenges faced by brands and how Street Attack’s experiential marketing strategies have been tailored to address them effectively. Each campaign is a testament to the power of experiential marketing in creating meaningful connections with audiences and achieving remarkable results. For a deeper dive into these campaigns and to see what made them successful, click on the respective links to read the full case studies.

Revisiting Experiential Marketing Examples

As we conclude our journey through the world of experiential marketing, it’s clear that this approach is far more than a passing trend. It’s a dynamic strategy that adapts to the personal needs and challenges of each brand. Whether it’s taking health insurance to the streets, making Tokyo more beautiful during the holidays, or gamifying a citywide scavenger hunt during the NFL Draft, experiential marketing shines in its diversity.

These examples of experiential marketing campaigns demonstrate the versatility and impact of experiential marketing when executed strategically. They have exceeded goals, engaged audiences on a deep level, and left lasting impressions. But they are just a glimpse of what’s possible when you harness the Science of the Streets and partner with experts like Street Attack.


In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, experiential marketing has emerged as a powerful strategy to connect with audiences on a personal level. Street Attack’s expertise in this field, coupled with their unique approach to decoding cities and engaging communities, has led to a series of remarkable success stories.

Whether it’s crafting immersive experiences in Tokyo, launching products with street-level media tactics, or expanding a bank’s presence through mobile banking experiences, Street Attack has consistently delivered results that exceed expectations. Our approach, grounded in cultural mapping, innovative design, and data-driven decision-making, sets them apart in the world of experiential marketing.

We here at Street Attack are at the forefront of experiential marketing, with over 20 years of experience in producing experiential events and brand activations. With a proven track record of successful campaigns with our Science of the Streets, we look at cities as vibrant canvases filled with opportunities for engagement and inspiration.

As you embark on your own experiential marketing journey, remember that it’s not just about campaigns; it’s about creating meaningful connections and leaving lasting impressions. Street Attack has proven time and again that with the right strategy and expertise, the possibilities in experiential marketing are endless, making us a valuable partner in creating unforgettable experiences for your brand.

Explore our case studies, learn more about our capabilities, and take the first step toward making your brand a memorable part of your audience’s story. If you liked these experiential marketing examples and want to unleash the power of experiential marketing for your business, connect with us at Street Attack today.

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